Oxwall 1.7.2 is out

Today we are releasing Oxwall 1.7.2.  We’ve been very busy during the 2.5 months since the last release, and for a good reason. It took us longer than we expected to develop this iteration and test it internally, that’s why we are glad to finally show you what we’ve been working on. Oxwall 1.7.2 is available for download immediately.

SkaDate X

SkaDate Dating Software

Skalfa LLC is proud to present the long-awaited evolution of its flagship product – SkaDate X.  The solution is being released during an important era in Skalfa’s history, as the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary this December.

The new version is not simply an updated and repackaged script; it is already being recognized as a next-generation dating software. SkaDate X is a completely new product, combining all of the best parts of its predecessors with a modern, refined look and feel, revolutionary plugin system for features, and brand new native mobile applicationsRead more

Oxwall Store: important improvements

Our Oxwall community grows. It’s exciting to see this growth since it assures that our work is important, and warrants that Oxwall is here to stay. With user growth some aspects of the community work also need to evolve, and today it’s the Oxwall Store that is affected. We just released some small and big improvements that I want to introduce. They are based on developers’, designers’ and users’ feedback, and also on our own careful examination of the usage patterns. Let’s look in detail:  Read more

Dan, Chief Operating Officer

The new installment in the series of interviews shines some light on the company’s top management, represented by Skalfa Chief Operating Officer Den Juikov.

Den, how did you end up at Skalfa?SkaDate COO Dan Juikov

By accident. I was a 19 years old student overwhelmed by the feeling of finally being young and free, and that’s when I was offered internship as a junior developer at Skalfa. Right from that moment everything started changing in my life. Skalfa really matured me as a person. At the time it was like madly falling in love with someone much more experienced than me. This type of thing makes you do all sorts of crazy stuff and turning everything upside down just to stay in this relationship.  Read more

Sardar, Chief Technology Officer

In today’s post we continue talking about members of the Skalfa team, and are happy to introduce Sardar Madumarov, our very own Chief Technology Officer.

Sardar, what are your responsibilities as a CTO?IMG_73461

I am responsible for the performance of the technical team at Skalfa. Together with the company’s management we identify opportunities for innovation and prioritize development initiatives. Our technical department works in collaboration with product designers and quality assurance staff, while I make sure that all the tasks coming from these departments are taken care of and are fully resolved. It is my duty to see the proper implementation of all objectives set for the Technical Department, all the while keeping the use of organization’s resources in check. Direct development also falls under my authority. In general, 50% of my job is technical, and another 50% is strictly managerial. Read more

Happy 9th Birthday Skalfa!

SkalfaBirthday1.1Believe it or not, Skalfa is celebrating its 9th birthday!

Skalfa LLC was founded in 2004 to develop accessible and affordable tools in response to the growing demand of well-designed and user-friendly dating and community software.

Every birthday gives us an opportunity to reflect on prior achievements, assess present development, and glance into the future. Today we are proud to be among the leaders in the community and dating software industries.

Days like these remind us to be thankful for the incredible people who reached this point together with us.  We are happy to share our 9 year journey with you, hoping this time will be always remembered as an amazing milestone in all our lives.

Thank you guys for sticking with us, and here’s to even more future successes!

Margareth, Quality Assurance Manager

SkaDate Dating Software Team: Margareth, Quality Assurance ManagerSkalfa considers quality a key factor. We want our customers to receive the end-product that in the very least meets, or better yet exceeds all expectations. The job of a Software Quality Assurance Manager is to make sure this is done right. Meet Margareth Aks, another integral member of the SkaDate team, and a highly experienced software testing professional here at Skalfa.

Tell us more about your work at the company.

After a product or a new feature goes through design and development stages, they end up in my hands for testing and uncovering possible issues. My job involves finding and fixing product defects in collaboration with product managers, designers and web developers.

SkaDate includes quite a lot of very different features, so besides making sure the software functions in the intended manner, I also check the compatibility of all new features with the ones already in the product. At the same time, it is my responsibility to communicate with our Support Department for better understanding of SkaDate customers’ view on the solution. Read more

iDate 2014 Nominations

Screenshot from 2013-11-15 19:13:39We are proud to announce that SkaDate Dating Software is among top 5 nominations in the category “Best Dating Software” in iDate Awards. This wouldn’t be possible without your input, and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your support and loyalty!

We’re seeking your support at the final  round of voting. Please place your online vote for SkaDate Dating Script in the category “Best Dating Software & SAAS Provider”following this link. Voting ends January 3, 2014.  Read more

SkaDate Lite: Oxwall for dating

While we work on this much awaited release (1.6 with mobile), our friends from Skalfa shipped the first commercial product based on Oxwall – SkaDate Lite.

This is an impressive product and a business solution for setting up an online dating site. Skalfa has been working in online dating market for almost a decade, so it’s fascinating to see Oxwall platform as the basis for a sophisticated business product.

Technically, SkaDate Lite consists of the Oxwall platform, specific dating plugins, dating site themes, and support solutions. A smart move by a commercial company that opens up the potential of the platform.

Right now we are talking to several other entities who plan to create vertical products based on the Oxwall core. We are ready to offer all kinds of assistance for that. This was our long-term goal from the very start, since Oxwall is a sophisticated platform that provides instant community features for any type of a website. SkaDate Lite is the first, but definitely not the last Oxwall-based third party product.

This is only the beginning.

New Skalfa.com + Oxwall Launchpad

Hi there folks,
It’s been really long since you heard from us but that was for a good reason. We are excited to introduce the new Skalfa.com website. Welcome to check it at www.skalfa.com

Oxwall Launchpad

Now for some real news. We are introducing professional services for Oxwall software. Historically, Oxwall forums have been a good resource for finding your way through common issues. However, as the project grows, we’ve identified that some people need more than that. If you think your project could use professional help beyond basic troubleshooting advice, we are doing just that.

What are the good reasons to choose us as your strategic partner?: 
Read more